He caught a fish this big: Peoria man catches 42-pound catfish from canal

A Peoria man and avid fisherman has quite the fishing tale to tell, having caught a massive catfish from a canal.

Trino Díaz said he and his friend Ryan Leren were fishing on the morning of Sept. 28 in a canal off of 67th Avenue, just north of Thunderbird Road. Díaz said he felt a bite, and then the bite turned into quite a tug. He said the bite pulled him a quarter mile down the canal, but more than a half hour later, Díaz pulled out a 42 lbs catfish.

"Yeah, it was a big ol' catfish. We couldn't believe it," said Díaz. "Only the head fit inside the net, so my boy, we had to two-man the net, bring it out and shuck it out on to the bank."

Díaz lives in the area, and regularly fishes the canals. He says usually throws them back, and this time was no exception. He did say wouldn't mind catching the fish again.

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