Veteran's home burglarized: Thieves stole Phoenix man's Air Force uniform, DJ equipment

A Phoenix-area veteran became the victim of a burglary this past weekend, as someone ransacked his apartment and stole several things that are very important to him.

Carlos Lopez came home to a shocking mess during the early morning hours of July 24, after thieves got in the back door of his apartment, which is located near Grand Avenue.

"As soon as I came in, I realized that everything I've pretty much worked for over the last 15 years is missing," said Lopez.

Thieves stole some things that cannot be replaced, like Lopez’s military uniforms from his time in the Air Force.

"A bunch of my Air Force dress blues, and my duffel bag from basic training, and my old [Airman Battle Uniform]," said Lopez. "It's just a part of my life that I cherish."

Thieves also took the shoes Lopez's 6-year-old daughter wore as a baby, as well as his DJ equipment, computers and guitar. Those are things Lopez use to make a living.

"I mean, it was a major violation, also, it feels oddly personal," said Lopez.

Lopez said Phoenix Police officers suggested he search nearby pawn shops for the more unique items that were taken. As Lopez did not have renters insurance, he is turning to GoFundMe in hopes of replacing his equipment and guitar.

Replacing a sense of security at home, however, will be harder.

"If anybody can help me get my and my daughter's life back on track," said Lopez.

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Lopez and his DJ equipment, which Lopez said was stolen in the home burglary. (Courtesy: Carlos Lopez)