Long time Pizzeria Bianco server suffers 2 strokes; community steps up in a big way to help

The Phoenix restaurant community is cooking up good vibes and raising money for a long-time server who suffered two strokes.

The goal was to raise $50,000, but they're already way beyond that.

"To see someone who's so strong and a pillar laid up like that, it's just hard," says Dave Garland, general manager of Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix.

When people walk into the restaurant, there's one face they always expect to see. Alberto's.

"Everybody knows Alberto," Garland says. "He's kind of a big deal. Always positive. Remembers everyone's order."

He's been a server at the restaurant for over 25 years.

"He was always here. Right hand. We wouldn't be here without him," Garland said.

Now Alberto needs some help of his own after suffering two strokes on July 24th. The second one was massive, and he spent days in the ICU.

He's now suffering from paralysis.

"Left side paralysis. He has some range of motion on his right side," Garland said. "He was moving his left leg a little bit the other day. They have him on a trach tube."

The restaurant chef posted a GoFundMe page to help Alberto, his wife and his kids with medical expenses. Within a matter of days, the donations came pouring in, and they're now up to $80,000.

"I hate to ask for anything but this is the one time I had to do it," Garland said. "Albert's my brother, so it's a big deal."

Seeing the community step up in this big way is helping them all to heal.

"It's humbling and we're all so grateful," Garland said.

Visit the GoFundMe page here.