Made in Arizona: Scottsdale business helps employers analyze potential employees' personalities

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- The left side of your brain is acceptance and the right side is rejection. Do you ever wonder what happens in the split seconds between seeing something, and your brain recognizing it? Your future boss and employer might want to know.

Several major companies such as Mercedes and General Electric are using behavioral tests before hiring top employees. TTI Success Insights, based in Scottsdale and founded in 1984, built an entire business around these personality assessments. The company's brain lab is used by individuals and several corporations all over the world.

Dr. Ron Bonnstetter, vice president of research and development at TTI, shared the company's missions.

"We're looking at how society changes and how people interpret things differently," Dr. Bonnstetter said. "We can see all of that, not only with our statistics, but we can see within the brain [and] how they're responding to it."

Once an assessment is complete, they're tested in the company's brain lab. From there, the research is used by several companies in 90 different countries, in 40 different languages.

"When we actually do a brain scan on people while they're actually taking the assessment, we start to understand why they're doing what they're doing," Dr. Bonstetter said.

President Rick Bowers says a basic version of the test takes about 10 minutes to complete.

"This allows you to see the true colors in the interview process," Bowers said. "Because it's not just how they present themselves, it's how they really are from an assessment standpoint and you understand how, why and what skills they're bringing."

Bowers also says he sees the assessment results as a manual for each individual employee.

"We really provide you with a manual for the employee," Bowers said. "So how to communicate with them, how to manage them, how to motivate them. When you understand your people, then you can put them in the right seats within your organization."

TTI Sucess Insights is seeing continued success, putting Scottsdale and Arizona on the map, giving people the necessary tools to create an ideal working environment not only in Scottsdale but across the world.

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