Man indicted in connection with Loring Sendejas' death

Investigators now say a man is responsible for the death of Loring Sendejas.

Vincent Parker was initially accused of sexually assaulting Sendajas, before she was found dead in Old Town Scottsdale. Now, in addition to being indicted on a second degree murder charge, a judge has also denied him bond because of sexual assault charge, which the Grand Jury also sent an indictment down for.

Family and friends of Sendejas were in the courtroom for the hearing Wednesday, and when they heard the judge deny him a bond, they took a big sigh of relief.

Parker initially faced charges of endangerment and abandoning a dead body, but a Grand Jury now says Parker was the one behind Sendejas' death, due to his reckless actions.

Police believe Parker had sex with Sendejas in his home without her consent. DNA found on her matched his, but Parker denies this, instead stating she was too impaired that he drove Sendejas back to Old Town.

Parker admits she was in and out of conciseness during the drive and clearly struggling, but still dumped her in an alley and took off. Autopsy findings showed a deadly combination in her system, with fentanyl and a .28 blood alcohol level.

Loved ones packed the courtroom on Wednesday as a judge told Parker he would stay in jail with no bond.

"When he looked back at us, I just basically opened my shirt and showed him what he took. He took a lovely beautiful person from us. He deserves everything he gets," said a man in attendance.