Maricopa County Recorder concedes race to Adrian Fontes

Maricopa County has a new recorder. Helen Purcell conceded the race to challenger Adrian Fontes. She called it a hard fought race and hopes for a seamless transition come January.

Purcell has been in office since 1988 and this was her toughest election yet.

About 13,000 votes separate Purcell from Democrat Adrian Fontes and on Tuesday, she conceded.

Fontes is a veteran and a lawyer. He announced his candidacy shortly after the Presidential Preference election back in March.

We all remember that election for the hours-long wait at polling places all over the county. Voting continued well into the early hours the next morning. The problems received national attention that is likely what led to this victory for Fontes.

"I think that we have seen at all levels of government that the people out there want a change, they want a difference and really what this race means is that we are moving toward a place where we pay attention to the voters and the citizens and what they want," said Fontes.

Statement from Helen Purcell:

"I want to express my appreciation to everyone who voted, regardless of how they voted. I've spent my career dedicated to our election process, and there is no greater joy than seeing such high turnout and participation. Most importantly I want to thank the hardworking women and men in my office for their tireless service."

Purcell added that serving has been the pleasure and privilege of a lifetime.