Mesa Fire continues drowning prevention program

The program is called "I Remember," it's a drowning prevention campaign ran by the Mesa Fire Department. Originally launched in 2013, it was re-launched just days ago.

"I remember seeing a small lifeless body floating in the pool," said

It's a reminder that drownings can happen to any family, at any time.

"That they're just like us. They represent our neighbors, moms, sisters, people we know who were involved in a situation that led to a lapse and led to this," said Forrest Smith.

Launched in 2013, two moms from Mesa recount the worst day of their lives, hoping it can somehow prevent another tragedy like theirs.

"I remember looking at the doctor and saying isn't there anything else you can do? And he said no," said one of the moms.

It is a tragedy that Ivard Brimley has seen unfold many times in his more than 45 years at the Mesa Fire and Medical Department.

Since 1970 he has worked here and says he has seen some things improve when it comes to drownings several years ago they would arrive at the scene to find no one had tried to help the victim.

"That made it difficult at the time because no one had started any kind of CPR for the individual," said Ivard Brimley.

That has changed, but some very fundamental things still haven't.

"Every summer it's a campaign. We just wait for the calls to come in, as much as teach and put out information, but it still happens," said Brimley.

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