More alleged botched lip injection victims come forward

Another day, another woman coming forward accusing a Maricopa woman of botching lip injections. The Maricopa Police Department reports 10 people have come forward.

We spoke to two more alleged victims. They say they went to get their lips and laugh lines done on August third. Now, we're getting a better understanding of what happened after these women started calling the injector, telling them they were having bad reactions. Some of them, hours later, others - a day after. Not knowing what to do, some of the alleged victims went back to the home the next day.

Myrna Esquivel and her friend, Claudia Marin, returned to Maricopa the day after getting their laugh lines and lips done by an unlicensed Maricopa woman who had been performing facial procedures out of her home. But when they returned, they had swollen lips and blisters.

"I couldn't even open my eyes, they were so swollen," Marin said. "I had to call into work."

Esquivel says everyone had the same symptoms: swelling, sores, and infections. They all hoped the woman who did this to them could fix them.

"We [swelled up] extremely [and] she told us to go to her house to get an IV and started injections," Esquivel said. "We're thinking, maybe she knows what she's doing. [I] didn't think anything of it - maybe it was a reaction or an extreme reaction.

"She brought three women from Mexico, they were supposed to be nurses from the plastic surgeon that sent them over and brought medication, so it was steroid IVs that [were] put into them."

Both alleged victims say the swelling went down quite a bit. But days later, they were in the hospital and were admitted. Esquivel had to go on family and medical leave. Her doctor says it might take months to get back to normal.

"He thinks [the injections] were mixed with something," Esquivel said. "That's what they are assuming."

As for Marin, she left with a $9,000 hospital bill and days missed from work.

"I just wish she would have warned me and told me she changed her product so she could have left me [with] the choice if I wanted to do it or not," Marin said. "At least tell me [so] that I know some girls went to the hospital [and say], 'Hey you guys need to go to the hospital. But she kept saying [I'll] be fine, [I'll] be fine, and it got worse."

Maricopa police have spoked to the FDA and Pinal County Attorney's Office about this case. If you're a victim, you're asked to call police immediately.

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