More than a dozen javelinas taking over a Cave Creek neighborhood

Javelinas are taking over a Cave Creek neighborhood as a man reported seeing around 20 of them Tuesday night, and while they usually mind their own business, there are times when they can strike.

Animal experts say that it’s not uncommon to see javelinas running around in the desert and many of them have become accustomed to urban life, but keep in mind, the moms with babies can get defensive.

Recently, every night near 56th street and Dixileta Drive, over a dozen javelinas take over the neighborhood, ranging from little babies to the moms.

But, having those little babies around, or dogs, make the Javelinas extra defensive.

A spokesperson for the Arizona Game and Fish, Amy Burnett, says while Javelinas normally mind their own business, you do have to be careful.

"Whether they are on a leash or running around, they tend to think coyote and that is one of the main predators of their babies and they get very defensive very quickly and that can turn to be aggressive," she explained.

That's why Rick Grawer and his family, carry around a foghorn when walking in the neighborhood.

"The foghorn works 'cause is they hear it, you know, they kind of walk the other way," he said. Which is exactly what you want them to do, just walk away.

Burnett says to stay a far distance, make a lot of noise and don’t feed them.

If you happen to get chased by a javelina, you can run diagonally. Burnett says they don’t have the best sight and it could throw them off.