Neighborhood 'watchdog': 3-year-old Husky loves to sit on roof of Glendale home

A community in Glendale has a unique neighbor who likes to keep an eye on things from up above.

"One day, my mom was leaving for work, and she just sent us a picture on the group chat, and we saw that our dog was on the roof, and she asked me if I could get her down because she honestly thought she was stuck, but she wasn’t she knew how to get down by herself," Jason Camarena said.

Ever since that day, 3-year-old Husky Nala spends most of her time hanging out on the roof.

"She loves getting on the roof and enjoying the view, seeing people drive by across the street," Camarena said.

Nala's owner says her favorite thing to do is to take a quick dip in the pool, climb the spiral staircase to the backyard deck, then hop onto the roof – watching everything from the mailman, to children walking home from school.

"There's been plenty of times where we try to block the gate off on the stairs, but she just keeps going and going. She is a lateral dog, so she easily jumps over it," Camarena said.

Soon, Nala started gaining a following, both on the ground and online. Many, including animal rescue crews, even came to their door.

"One time a lady actually thought she was a statue, and then she realized once she rang the doorbell that she moved, cause she thought the dog was stuck," Camarena said.

"When we saw Nala on the roof, they explained why she was on the roof and how she got up there," said neighbors Dinah and Gwen Livingston.

Camarena took Nala in, after other family members couldn't provide the pace she needed. Now, she's definitely taking advantage of every square foot of tile, carpet, grass, and shingle.

"She can manage herself and handle it. She's a smart dog," Camarena said.

Although they have one, no security camera is needed, because Nala is always watching.

"She just loves being up there, enjoying the view," Camarena said.

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husky on roof pic

3-year-old Nala spends most of her time sitting on the roof of her Glendale home. "She loves getting on the roof and enjoying the view, seeing people drive by across the street."