New details surrounding investigation into Arizona man accused of murdering his wife revealed

Officials say they have arrested a Phoenix man in connection with the death of a 49-year-old whose body was found at her home.

It has been nearly two months since Amy Jo Schulte's body was found, and we are now learning new details surrounding the investigation.

The suspect in Schulte's death, identified in court documents as 52-year-old Shaun Michael Schulte, is accused of multiple criminal offenses, including second degree murder and tampering with evidence.

Victim's ex-husband and mother speak out

"You just don't expect to hear that. It just really was a shock," said Glenn Hurd. Hurd now lives in Louisiana.

Hurd is the ex-husband of 49-year-old Amy Jo Schulte, whose body was found by Phoenix Police at her apartment near 36th Street and Osborn.

"She was a brilliant person. IQ, I think 160 plus, and I think it's a tragic loss that she's gone," said Hurd.

Three calls for a welfare check had been made before Hurd's body was discovered. The first call was made by Schulte's boss, the second by her mother-in-law, and the third call was made by her neighbor.

Schulte was last seen alive two days earlier. A medical examiner determined the cause of death as assault and blunt force trauma.

By the time Schulte was found dead, Shaun was nowhere to be found.

New details surrounding investigation into Schulte's death revealed

Court documents say Schulte's mother got a call from the Mexican Consulate, saying her car was discovered in Mexico, damaged and disabled Shaun Schulte was nowhere to be found.

By May 19, police say a customs agent spoke to the 52-year-old at Miami International Airport, learning he traveled to Mexico, Colombia and Haiti, and was now making his way back to Phoenix.

Five days later, authorities arrested Shaun in Chandler.

"I knew when she told me they got married, something would happen. I just knew it," said Schulte's mother, Terri Winters.

Winters said her motherly instinct kicked when Schulte and Shaun married in December 2021. According to police, a witness received texts from Schulte in late March of 2022, claiming her husband was physically and verbally abusive.

Schulte leaves behind a 21-year-old son, Matthew, who is struggling with her loss.

"They were talking all the time, and they were planning to see each other, and she was planning to come out when he graduates next year from college, and he stole all that from Matthew," said Hurd's current wife, Kristy.

Documents reveal Shaun was convicted of aggravated assault in 2007, but was sentenced to an Arizona state hospital for 7.5 years. In 2018, Shaun was convicted of computer tampering. Investigators also say Shaun has a history of schizophrenia.

Shaun, according to court documents, was arrested on May 24. According to court documents, Shaun denied killing Schulte, and said he went to Mexico to find himself. Shaun also said his car was stolen chile he was in Mexico.

A judge has set a $1 million bond for Shaun.

"I hope he stays there," said Winters.

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