New video shows firefighters tending to infant girl who was found abandoned in June in Tempe

New video released Monday shows the moments when Tempe Police officers arrived at a grocery store where a baby girl had been abandoned.

The story happened back in June. The hours-old infant was found inside a backpack that had been left in a shopping cart outside of a Food City grocery store, and the person who left the baby there has yet to be found.

The baby was found inside of a Jonas Brothers backpack that was placed inside a shopping cart. The video shows police talking with the grocery store's manager and going through through surveillance video, in hopes of trying to find and identify who may have abandoned this child.

The manager later told officers that someone walking in the parking lot spotted the little girl in the cart, and came inside and told him. That same manager also called 911.

Police believe the girl was born within 24 hours of when she was found. She was taken to the hospital and is in very good health. The baby is now in DCS custody and living with a foster family.

No word yet on possible adoption.