Now hiring: Scottsdale Unified in need of bus drivers

Like many school districts across the country, the Scottsdale Unified School District is experiencing a severe bus driver shortage.

The district is looking to fill about 20 positions immediately, and the lack of workers is causing some big issues.

"First time in our history here in Scottsdale that a couple weeks ago we had to cancel routes due to not having drivers," said district operations supervisor David Jacobson. "That's affecting children that need to be getting into classrooms, putting a lot of burden on their parents."

Jacobson has been in the industry for 11 years and says this is the worst he's ever seen it.

"We already had a driver shortage, and then the pandemic made it worse," Jacobson said.

The supervisor says the job is great for parents who want their schedules to align with their child's day.

"You're working when your kids are at school, you go home, get the housework done or whatever you need to get done…then come back and get all the kids home," Jacobson said.

The district has held open houses and other events to try and lure in prospective drivers. Jacobson said it's a fun and rewarding career for those who want to try it out.

"We do this for the faces we see in the morning, so when you know you're not seeing those faces and not getting them to school, that hurts," he said. "We've put that burden on a parent to get their child to school.  It's not what we want to do -- it's the last thing we want to do -- we want to get every student to school."

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