Creepy dolls, cute dogs, miracle babies: Our favorite heartwarming, bizarre headlines this week

It's time to take a break from reading about horrific tragedies, politics and the newest controversy of the day. Here's some of our favorite stories from Feb. 5-11 that helped make this past week a bit brighter - or at least, more interesting:

1. Mom who survived COVID-19, 3 strokes, heart attack while pregnant names baby after doctor: Diana Crouch, a mother of five, survived COVID-19, three strokes and a heart attack while pregnant. She delivered a baby boy who is now named after a doctor who had faith she would make it during her four-month hospitalization.

2. Arizona man leaves Las Vegas casino, learns he won $229,368 jackpot weeks later: The Nevada Gaming Control Board says its investigation tracked down an Arizona man who left Las Vegas after a visit last month without knowing he'd won a $229,368 slot machine jackpot. 

3. Friends who have attended every Super Bowl together plan final trip for 2022: Three friends who have attended every Super Bowl are hoping for a memorable contest this year, because it will probably be their final trip to the big game as a group.

Tom Henschel, Don Crisman and Gregory Eaton are pictured on Jan. 31, 2022. (Credit: FOX 11 Los Angeles)

Tom Henschel, Don Crisman and Gregory Eaton are pictured on Jan. 31, 2022. (Credit: FOX 11 Los Angeles)

4. Deputies find life-sized doll after 'body' reported in Georgia forest: The Georgia deputies were called to the hiking trail after reports of a body found in the forest. They instead found a life-sized doll "complete with accessories" they're naming "Selena."

(Jones County Sheriff's Office)

5. Dog rescued off Arizona mountain cliff after community, owner come together to save 'Goldie': Goldie was rescued by a group of concerned animal lovers and her owner after she chased javelinas a little too far and got stuck on a mountainside. She was stuck for days until her dangerous rescue.

6. Man survives COVID-19 after double-lung transplant: When 50-year-old David Wilkinson got COVID-19 five months ago, he ended up on a ventilator. His wife was given the heartbreaking decision to keep him on life support or to let him go, but she wasn't ready to give up. 

7. High school basketball team helps player with Down syndrome make game ending shot: A high school basketball player with Down syndrome made a buzzer beater game shot with the support and encouragement of his teammates and the entire gym. The touching video has gone viral.

Santa Fe High School freshman Jonathan Jacome made an unforgettable shot during a game on Jan. 25, 2022 in Lake City, Fla. (Shenita Sykes/Tik Tok @sunn.kissed0)

8. Meet Rye: You might see her at the WM Phoenix Open, TPC Scottsdale: You're used to seeing golfers, caddies, and clubs on the golf course, but at the WM Phoenix Open, there's something else on the green drawing attention.

9. Dolphins ride waves alongside surfers off California coast: A group of surfers were treated to a remarkable up-close encounter with a pod of dolphins while riding some waves off the coast of Carpinteria, California. 

Dolphins playing

Freeze frame from video showing dolphins surfing alongside humans.

10. Minnesota man with sizeable arms becomes arm wrestling champ: From the beginning Jeff Dabe's life story is a tale of epic proportions, leading him to become an arm wrestling champion.

Jeff Dabe

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