Parts of the Valley had a very cold start to 2019

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- If you thought it was cold the past few nights, get ready to bundle up even more tonight.

It is unusual for Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and the Central Phoenix area to hit or dip below the freezing mark, but on Wednesday morning, the National Weather Service says that's a possibility. A cold front is making the Valley chilly, and areas like Cave Creek and Carefree, north of Phoenix, were downright freezing.

40 miles north of Phoenix, in parts of North Scottsdale and Cave Creek, snow fell.

"Oh it was absolutely crazy. It was snowing," said Colleen Ingrassia with Mountain View Pub. "We had everybody here. They were outside taking videos. It was amazing."

The view of the mountains northeast of Cave Creek have changed dramatically, and that means things have changed in the town of Cave Creek as well. At the Mountain View Pub, the patios are empty, and instead of being filled with beer, the baskets are filled with blankets.

Ingrassia says everyone approves of the new winter coat the mountains are sporting. Along with the snow, however, comes the colder temperatures. For Cave Creek, the low on Wednesday morning is expected to dip to 29°F (about -1.67°C).