PD: 8 arrested in connection to looting at Scottsdale Fashion Square; $46K worth of stolen property recovered

Scottsdale police say eight people have been arrested and more than $46,000 worth of stolen property has been recovered in connection to rioting and looting in Scottsdale on May 30.

According to Scottsdale Police officials, damages were reported at businesses in the area of Scottsdale Fashion Square, and various roads in the area, including Scottsdale Road, were closed to traffic.

On Wednesday, police said eight other people were arrested in connection with their involvement with the riot. In a statement, officials say 19-year-old Sky Black and 18-year-old Shemar Cooper are accused of using a Scottsdale vacation rental property as a staging location for alleged crimes committed at the Scottsdale Fashion Square, and police recovered stolen property worth $11,000 at the rental. Both Black and Cooper are accused of burglary and trafficking stolen property.

Police officials say three Tucson residents were at the rental. The three, identified as 19-year-old Labrina Johnson, 18-year-old Christopher Raybon, and 18-year-old Ewveromvon Usuman, are accused of trespassing.

(From left: Robby Galarza, Shemar Cooper, Sky Black)

Investigators identified two other suspects as 21-year-old Robby Galarza and 30-year-old Maurianna Griffin. Galarza is accused of burglary involving a jewelry store at the Scottsdale Fashion Square, while Griffin was also accused of burglary. At the time of her arrest, officers found her with over $28,000 worth of merchandise, consisting mostly of designer bags and sunglasses.

Police officials say the eighth suspect is a 17-year-old male who is also accused of burglary. At the time of the teen's arrest, he was found with over $3,500 worth of stolen property.

Twenty people have now been arrested in connection to last Saturday's unrest in Scottsdale following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.