Peoria high school students get real-world broadcasting experience

Liberty High School in Peoria is giving students a chance to explore a career in broadcasting - and they're already getting some real-life experience.

Leila Ruterman is finishing her junior year at Liberty High School by filming her fellow classmates' graduation ceremony.

"I’ve been with PSBN now for a semester and even though it seems like a short amount of time, I have learned a lot," Ruterman said. "Probably one of the biggest things that I’ve learned is how to adapt especially with such a weird year it’s been."

As part of the Peoria Student Broadcast Network, Ruterman will help film three graduation ceremonies today.

"I will be working one of the robotic cameras," the junior said. "Just making sure that we get wide shots of the graduates and moving the camera around, just making sure we get these wide views making sure you can see as many students as possible."

James Byrne is the director of PSBN and helps guide his students using industry standard equipment.

"This is a really cool program," Byrne said. "An internship actually where students get to work with Industry standard equipment in the broadcasting world."

There's something for all students - behind and in front of the camera.

"My interns are like three sport athletes," Byrne said. "They cover everything, all seasons, all the time. They get to really bring something to the community."

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