Phoenix-based company hopes vaccination passport app can help open up the pandemic-ravaged economy

Confirming your COVID-19 vaccination status may soon become an important part of daily life, and with that in mind, a Phoenix-based company created an app that's a one-stop-shop for your COVID-19 vaccination and testing documents.

ConfirmD launched 10 days ago. Developers are calling the app a vaccination passport because they say it'll be imperative to have a uniform, universal and efficient way to show vaccination records in order to get back to normal life.

All people will have to do is upload their medical records, including COVID-19 vaccination and testing records, onto the app.

"We want to get this in people's hands as fast as humanly possible," said BuddyCheque Co-Founder Karl Wagner.

BuddyCheque came up with the idea in March 2020, as the global pandemic began. They anticipated that people will need to show their medical records in order to get into venues, travel and more, and they also knew that holding onto the paper documents might be an issue.

"We wanted to put power in the hands of people to record, verify and display their vaccine and testing information in a way that is convenient and secure," said Wagner.

The creators say their app is different than others because ConfirmD requires a healthcare professional that is also on the app to verify records through a QR Code exchange, in hopes of creating efficiency and prove legitimacy.

"As long as the person can capture info and get it into the app, then we can get it verified and take it with them forever," said Ramsey Kilani with BuddyCheque.

The main goal behind the app is to open up the economy, and now that the app is up, they hope they're one step closer to doing that.

ConfirmD by BuddyCheque

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