Phoenix company builds one-day use track for NASCAR's 2022 season kicking off in Los Angeles

The NASCAR season is inching closer and this year will start completely different from ever before. They’re kicking off in Los Angeles at the historic Coliseum.

That’s right, a NASCAR race fitting inside a football stadium, and the company building the track is based in Phoenix.

New Valley Construction is no stranger to NASCAR track building. In fact, they’re the ones who built the Phoenix Raceway track, but here’s the difference this time.

While the track in Phoenix is permanent, the one they’re building in LA has to be demolished right after it's used.

"It’s going to be a lot of bump and grind," said Steve Boscardin with New Valley Construction. "We had a piece of paper, 8 1/2 x 11 and said, 'here’s what you gotta do, now go design a track.'"

New Valley Construction, an affiliate of KBE, is based in Phoenix, but right now their focus is in LA. They’re building an entire quarter-mile track inside the historic LA Memorial Coliseum.

It will be a race unlike any other to kick off the 2022 season.

"Race day doesn’t move. So we have to be sure we get it done. Get it done right and done on time," Boscardin said. They’ve built other tracks, but this is their first temporary race, meaning they’re dismantling immediately after the race.

"Practice on Saturday afternoon, race on Sunday, and then we tear it out. Ever heard of something like that before? No," Boscardin said, laughing.

First he says the Phoenix company laid down a base layer to protect the soil, then they brought in 9,000 yards of dirt, only at night, to avoid the infamous LA traffic. Boscardin says it takes years to form relationships to get an opportunity to build a one-day track.

"That’s the success, that's what we’re proud of, that we maintain these types of relationships with a lot of these clients," Boscardin said.

They lost a week of construction because of rain, but it didn't stop them from making major progress. "These are fun. You don’t build 'em everyday," Boscardin said.

The race to kick off the NASCAR season is on Feb. 6 on FOX.

This story was reported on from Phoenix, Arizona.

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