Phoenix considers renewing red light camera contract with Redflex

It's something that would be a lot of drivers unhappy, and people could soon see red light cameras back on in the City of Phoenix.

The cameras were supposed to be taken down in January, but the city is considering extending its contract with the company that operates them. and double the program size.

Currently, there are 12 such cameras at intersections.

Meanwhile, drivers are torn, with some say the cameras work, while others say it's another way for the city to make more money. 

Anita Hill experienced the red light cameras first hand.

"Personally I didn't like it, but I didn't even see the doggone thing," said Hill. "I just looked surprised very surprised in the picture because I didn't know I was in a red light camera."

The City of Phoenix is considering extending the contract until April 30, after the city says it's been proven to be effective in reducing red light violations. Red-light running crashes are down 57% at nine intersections where red-light cameras were installed in 2015.
Drivers, however, say its just an excuse. 

"They're trying to generate more revenue, that's all it is. It's a money grab," said Joshua Grantham.

"I've seen a lot of people being stupid around the cameras, slamming on their brakes to avoid getting a ticket," said Ryan Oldham.

City of Phoenix officials released the following statement.

There are plans to bring the proposal to the City Council on December 18.