Phoenix firefighter honored after saving little girl from burning home

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- A Phoenix firefighter is being honored for saving a little girl from a burning home.

The patriotism group Sons of the American Revolution treated Greg Gaiser with a delicious sandwich, and awarded him for his heroism. Gaiser is a husband and father to several children of his own, including twin boys. It was originally reported that family members on the scene of this fire told firefighters everyone was out safely, but that was not the case. Gaiser said he heard a little girl screaming upstairs, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The fire happened on September 12 near 7th Street and Dobbins.

"We're not supposed to get off the hose line, that's kind of the rule that we have," said Gaiser. "That's our way out. That's how we know we're going to get back out."

However, Gaiser says he heard a little girl screaming for help on the 2nd floor, where smoke was pouring out. So, Gaiser broke protocol.

"I took a chance, and dropped the nozzle," said Gaiser. "I went to look for her, and luckily, I went the right way."

Now, two months following the incident, the Sons of the American Revolution are honoring Gaiser for truly putting his life on the line.

"I think it takes a special kind of person to put their own life at risk and save somebody," said Richard Burke with the Sons of the American Revolution.

The group treated Gaiser and his family with a giant sandwich at the Miracle Mile Deli, and then awarded him with a heroism certificate and medal. Gaiser said he loves his job as a firefighter, and thought about his own kids when that little girl screamed behind the flames.

"I can only imagine," said Gaiser. "If someone saved my kid, how I would feel. They get a second chance."

Now, that girl's parents have a second chance to see their girl again, and watch her grow up.

Gaiser said the girl suffered minor burns and smoke inhalation, but has since made a full recovery.