Phoenix PD: Two suspects shot and killed, no officers hurt

Two men have died after being shot by Phoenix police officers on the night of Oct. 20.

Officers say a mother called 911 on Tuesday night after her two adult sons started fighting in a home near 22nd Street and Indian School. 

The woman said she had barricaded herself in her room and was afraid because one of her sons had been acting strangely. When police arrived, she said the two men were inside yelling and that one had a rifle.

Police say they saw both men armed with firearms. One of the men ignored commands to drop his weapon and pointed his rifle at both the officers and his brother, officials say.

Two officers shot at the armed suspect and stuck both brothers. One died at the scene and the other died at the hospital. On Oct. 21, Phoenix police identified the victims as 43-year- old George Cocreham and 44-year-old Emmett Cocreham.

A rifle and a BB gun "resembling a firearm" were recovered from the home.

An investigation is ongoing.

On Nov. 3, Phoenix police released body-camera video of the shooting.

Warning: Video contains graphic content. Viewer discretion advised

Family members speak out

As the investigation into the deadly shooting continues, loved ones of the two who died are in mourning. Bill Martinez, who identified himself as the two men's uncle, said the men's mother is too distraught at the moment.

Martinez went on to say the 911 call came from his aunt, who was on the phone with the mother of the brothers at the time.

"Emmett, the oldest, was upset because he didn't know what was going on, and it escalated into the two brothers arguing," said Martinez.

Martinez also offered a different version of what happened that led to the shooting.

"I guess what happened was Emmett had a 30/30 rifle with him in his bedroom. They tried to talk him out of it, and he refused to. He became very combative with them, they entered the house, he wouldn't drop the rifle, and they shot him," said Martinez. "George comes out what appears to be a gun -- was a bb gun -- he pointed it out the window at the officers, and then he came outside. As he approached outside. he took. like. three steps and pointed the gun at the officers and he was shot."

FOX 10 has reached out to Phoenix Police to get a clarification on the timeline of events, but did not receive a response. Police officials, however, did say body camera video, 911 calls and other evidence will be released within two weeks.

Martinez said police have been called to the home in the past for domestic situations.

Despite losing his nephews, Martinez said Phoenix Police were "completely in the right."

"What Phoenix Police did, they were completely in the right," said Martinez. "They did their job, and unfortunately, both my nephews lost their life because of their wrongful doing."

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