Phoenix police motorcycle officer OK after being rear-ended

It was terrifying moments for a Phoenix police officer on patrol this morning when his motorcycle was rear-ended and he was pinned underneath.

"It was ugly, it honestly, it was ugly, it was an ugly scene," said Toyha Washington, a witness at the scene. "I was in the far lane because there was a couple of cars, the bus had slowed down."

Behind the bus, says Washington, was a Phoenix police motorcycle cop. The bus stopped, and so did the officer, but the woman driving the car that was behind didn't.

"It was enough space between her car and the officer's bike that she could have clearly slowed down, clearly it was enough that if another car could get in the middle, it could have," Washington said.

Washington immediately called 911 and checked on the officer who she says was responsive. While others tried to lift the motorcycle, her take away is to be careful.

"Pay attention, honestly, it's not driving, you have to pay attention to everything, everybody," she said.

The officer's gloves and some of his equipment were scattered along the sidewalk, but the good news is he was transported immediately and is expected to be OK.

We also spoke with the woman who rear-ended the officer off-camera and she admitted to us she didn't see the officer make a stop. He was behind a city bus and she also admitted that she was driving on a suspended license.