Phoenix Union High School District planning major security changes

In the middle of a turmoil about school shootings, a school district in Phoenix plans to spend millions of dollars to improve its security systems.

There are 18 high schools in the Phoenix Union High School District system, and FOX 10 Phoenix has learned that all are undergoing some kind of security upgrade or enhancement.

PUHSD's Coding Academy represents the gold standard in security for officials of that school district, with a badge system that doesn't allow you into the body of the school where classrooms are, unless you are cleared for access. Visitors are also monitored on security cameras.

"That is really what we are looking at accomplishing at every one of our high schools," said Juve Lopez, PUHSD's Executive Director of Logistics.

Lopez went on to say that while undergoing security and design upgrades, older schools like Central High School are still quite safe.

"We have 10 to 12 security staff on every comprehensive school," said Lopez. "For every point of entry, you will be greeted by a security guard and you will be required to sign in."

While the traditional security plan is effective, Lopez says the ultimate goal is to implement design changes at older schools, and install security technology like the new Coding Academy has.

"In our district, as diverse as our schools are, it's a big task," said Lopez. "We're going at it, and taking it one school at a time, and investing our bond dollars wisely."

Lopez says a recently passed $269 million bond for the district is helping to pay for all of the improvements.