Police arrest 12 people after night of protests in downtown Phoenix

Phoenix Police say 12 people were arrested on Aug. 28 after a night of demonstrations downtown commemorating the annual March on Washington.

Most of the participants in the demonstrations marched peacefully downtown, police said, but some started blocking streets when the crowds marched to Phoenix Police headquarters.

Police say they repeatedly ordered protesters to get out of the street, and eventually arrested 12 people who they say ignored the order.

The arrests included:

  • Victor Romero, 23, obstructing a thoroughfare;
  • Orlando Espino, 27, obstructing a thoroughfare;
  • Ethan Replogle, 19, obstructing a thoroughfare;
  • Sean Gibbons, 25, obstructing a thoroughfare;
  • Kendryck Rand, 24, obstructing a thoroughfare;
  • Kimberlee Adkins, 28, obstructing a thoroughfare;
  • Rilee Webb, 23, obstructing a thoroughfare;
  • Samuel Merten, 29, obstructing a thoroughfare;
  • Christopher Johnson, 31, obstructing a thoroughfare;
  • Leslie Ott, 34, obstructing a thoroughfare, failure to obey a lawful order, resisting arrest;
  • Makayla Kellor, 21, obstructing a thoroughfare, resisting arrest;
  • Jennifer Derby, 52, obstructing a thoroughfare.

Police say no munitions were used against the protesters and no injuries were reported.

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In commemoration of March on Washington, protesters rally in downtown Phoenix

Protesters rallied in downtown Phoenix for a march on Washington Street in commemoration of the March on Washington that happened 57 years ago.