RHOP's Gizelle Bryant on ex-husband’s engagement: 'No gifts, but all is well'

"Real Housewives of Potomac" star Gizelle Bryant saw the post.  

Over the weekend, her ex-husband, Jamal Bryant, took to Instagram to announce his engagement to his girlfriend, Dr. Karri Turner. 

Gizelle shared her thoughts on Tuesday during an interview with FOX 5. 

"Super happy for him," she said. "New Birth really needs a first lady. That's important. And we need New Birth to be happy with Jamal because he has a lot of tuition to pay. All of my girls will be in college. So, all is well."

When asked if she and Jamal remain friends, she responded, "Yes, he has called me four times this morning."

As for whether she plans to send gifts for the engagement, Gizelle firmly stated, "No, I'm not sending no gifts. I'm happy for anything that's going to make him continue to thrive and be a great dad to my girls."

"I am so grateful to God that she has consented to be my wife," Jamal said in a video posted to Instagram, before introducing Karri on stage at church.

"I can't tell you how happy I am, how happy my family is, how happy my children are, and I hope my church is happy for me," he stated to a round of applause. "My heart is overjoyed and my destiny is in clear focus," Jamal wrote in the caption of his Instagram post. "Love always wins!!"

Gizelle also took to the comments of Jamal's post, offering her support. "Congratulations!," she wrote. "Very happy for you!"

The former couple were married from 2002 to 2009, and have three daughters together. Gizelle has been open about how infidelity led to their separation.

In 2019, the couple attempted to rekindle their romance, but by 2021, they had decided to part ways again. Despite their past, Gizelle's recent remarks indicate a cordial and supportive relationship as Jamal moves forward with his new chapter.

FOX 5's Marissa Mitchell contributed to this report.