Shoppers flock to stores stocking up on holiday foods for smaller celebrations

Busy parking lots and full shopping carts can only mean one thing — last-minute shopping for Thanksgiving is underway on Wednesday, despite the holiday looking very different for many families due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I’m going to pick up our dinner for tomorrow, plus I have extras I need to get," said shopper, Sara Lou, on Nov. 25.

Shopper, Dale Colier, is in the same boat, saying, "The stores are packed. My wife went to Costco and it was completely packed.”

While the last-minute shopping and busy grocery stores may be the same as in previous years, the way this holiday will be celebrated is different than ever before.

"It is just going to be my husband and me because we are so afraid to be around anyone else," Lou said.

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Shopper, Lorre James, plans on the same type of small celebration, saying, “We are just staying in with our nuclear family and just doing pork roast instead of turkey."

Another shopper, Martha Chambers, is picking some last-minute items too for a small outdoor, socially distanced celebration because it means a little bit more to be with family this year.

"My husband just recently got diagnosed with cancer so it makes it difficult ... not more difficult, but challenging," she said.

For more information on how to stay safe during the holidays from COVID-19, visit this link.