How to stay COVID-19 safe during Thanksgiving celebrations, per CDC

Thanksgiving is just weeks away and many are making plans early to gather safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

No one wants to hold a “super spreader” Thanksgiving holiday gathering, so many are planning early, some will ignore all guidelines and others may decide to skip a celebration altogether.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released guidelines for holiday gatherings just as COVID-19 cases have begun to surge across the country.

Hosts are encouraged to check COVID-19 infections in the area and areas where guests are coming from. CDC also suggests limiting the number of people and allow guests to social distance.

When possible, the agency says to gather outdoors and require guests to wear masks when not eating or drinking. If the gathering is inside, then open windows and doors if possible.

Maybe the biggest ask of all, the CDC does not recommend potluck-style meals.

For CDC guidance, visit this link.