Shopping at the hospital gift shop for the holidays

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- We're less than a month out from Christmas, which means your shopping needs to be done sooner than later. There is a place for your holiday shopping needs out there, but it may not be on your mind, when it comes to buying gifts.

Believe it or not, doing some of your holiday shopping at a hospital gift shop is becoming a thing. The Retail Manager at the Baywood Boutique, located at Banner Baywood, said that in the month of December, she can't keep stock on the shelves.

"It has something for everybody, and the more you look the more you find," said shopper Teri Majkowski.

The days of a hospital gift shop filled with only get well cards and generic floral arrangements are gone, and that is especially true at the Baywood Boutique, which has evolved with the rest of the retail industry.

"We have customers that come in here that might be patients or visitors, but we also have people," said Retail Supervisor Linda Hunter. "They come off of the street. They discovered us maybe as a patient or visitor, and they come back to shop."

Hunter says the gift shop is the busiest during December. Customers flock to the store to get their holiday shopping done, and shoppers find all sort of festive gifts, such as apparel, toys, very sought after sheet sets. and even one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.

"We've also gone to a lot of antique shows, and we'll find items we think would be perfect for display and we'll build the whole display and they'll buy the table out from under it," said Hunter.

Other major bonuses for shoppers are no tax and no lines. Also, all proceeds go back to the hospital to support patient programs and services.

"It's a little more rewarding you feel like you're giving back to your community when you buy here too," said Majkowski.

Most of the gift shops are open seven days a week, and they donates about $100,000 a year back to the hospital. The shops are run by volunteers.