Sister of woman killed in serial shootings speaks out

Earlier this week Phoenix police added four new shootings to the case, and one of the victims is 55-year-old Krystal White.

For months her murder was a mystery to police. Now her family is speaking out.

White's sister believes Krystal was going to the store for an elderly man who she helped take care of when she was shot and killed. She says there are still more questions than answers about what truly happened to her sister.

"Sometimes she used to say when I used to do my chili beans, she used to say, Sylvy you cooking chili beans, and I'd say yea, she'd say I could smell them down the street," said Sylvia White.

White remembers her sister, Krystal White.

"Anybody that met her, everybody that knew her knew that she had a heart. She would give her last dollar up," said Sylvia.

Krystal was found dead from a gunshot wound on April 19 around 4:30 a.m. near 32nd St and Van Buren. Police linked her murder along with three others being investigated in the Maryvale neighborhood.

"Everyday I have to pray, every day, all day, just to keep my heart at peace and my mind at peace and on some days it just doesn't happen," said Sylvia.

In total seven have died in 8 shootings. Police have released a new sketch of the suspect. Sylvia hopes the person(s) are caught soon so there can be justice for her sister who she says was a great mother, grandmother, and aunt.

"It would bring some closure, but it wouldn't bring a lot of closure, and if they do catch these guys I hope they don't get the death penalty. I want them to spend the rest of their lives in jail. A lot of people would say yea, well you killed her, so you need to die, no I don't want him to die, I want him to suffer," she said.

Sylvia says she is planning on passing out flyers with the sketch of the suspect where her sister was killed in the near future.