Sons of successful Valley businessman in mourning after father’s death from COVID-related complications

Behind the numbers that show a surge in COVID-19 cases in Arizona are families that are being impacted daily, with some suddenly losing their loved ones.

At Banner Hospital in Phoenix, Brian Mosley's wife is recovering from her battle with COVID-19. Brian, however, did not survive his battle with COVID-19. Now, the family has to face the holiday season without him, but they say Brian's legacy will live on.

"We've been on calls daily with people within our family, on my mom's side, my dad's side, and people that he worked with, old colleagues, and places he used to work, and people just telling us how my dad was so uplifting, positive and encouraging of others," said Matt Mosley, Brian's son.

On Nov. 6, Matt and his brother learned their father had COVID-19. Immediately, Matt and Jared flew back to Phoenix to be by his side. Four days later, Brian had COVID-19 pneumonia and breathing complications. He passed out in Matt's arms, and Brian's wife of 34 years, Deborah, never got to say goodbye.

"So, the only thing she got to see was my dad being wheeled out into the ambulance, so it was very traumatic. Very tough," said Matt.

An hour later, Brian died at the hospital after a heart attack. Just two days prior, Brian sent Deborah a text.

"A picture from one of their trips, and it just said fun times," said Jared, Brian's older son.

A successful businessman, Brian loved teaching public speaking and leadership skills. He constantly brought awareness to his parents' respected scholarship fund, which annually helps two African American students pay for college.

"Philanthropy is something my family took very seriously, and we would like continue to carry that mantle," said Jared.

Grieving with groups of family members, unfortunately, is not an option during the pandemic. As the pandemic continues, the Mosley brothers have a message for the public.

"This virus is dangerous and it's terrifying, and I think my message to the world would just be to focus on the positive. Continue to hold your family close. Watch out for them, care for them, love them, support them," said Jared.


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