Sun Lakes family loses home after driver crashes into soon-to-be mother's bedroom

A soon-to-be mother says she’s glad to be alive even though she lost everything when a car drove into her house.

Samantha Cuevas' bedroom was right next to what would have been the nursery, and the few things still visible in the ashes taunt her.

"That was a baby dress my grandmother made me and I wore as a baby. I planned if I had a baby girl I would put that on my baby. But there’s nothing here," she said.

Cuevas is three months pregnant.

On Oct. 2 at 1:30 a.m., Gila River Police say someone drove their car along the straightaway south of Sun Lakes, went through the chain link fence, and straight into Cuevas' bedroom.

"The house just went into flames in seconds," she said.

Witnesses say the car was already on fire before driving into the home, but the investigation continues.

Her mother was home on the other side of the house and got out. Cuevas, luckily wasn’t home – she was across town to be close for a doctor's appointment the next day.

She rushed home to see the crushed car where her bed was supposed to be.

"It’s a nightmare. We can’t come home. Yes, we can’t build a new house. Yes, we can get new things. But, the things that we had in this house that meant so much to us. It can’t come back. It’s never coming back. It’s like losing someone close to you. We need to grieve. This is our home," Cuevas said.

Police are investigating to see if the driver was impaired. As of Oct. 4, she’s in the hospital.

The family set up a GoFundMe as they try to recover.

As of Cuevas, she can’t believe she’ll never sleep in her room again.

"There’s nothing left. I can’t just come home. This is literally everything I had growing up as a young child. I had everything in here. Pictures, memories of when we were younger," she said.