Suns fans, parents name newborn son after Devin Booker

Naming your newborn baby is a big job many parents stress over for weeks, even months, but for one family, it was a no brainer.

They decided to name him after star Phoenix Suns player Devin Booker.

"I’ve been a Suns fan since I was born basically. I was there in '93 when they went in the Championship and we’ve been Suns fans since then," said Samuel Lugo, baby Devin's father.

He and Griselda Hernandez just welcomed their baby boy on June 27. He was born more than a month early and has been in the NICU at Banner Estrella ever since.

The family, who are all mega Suns fans, had two names in mind for the baby, especially since he was born during the playoffs.

It was a toss-up between the name Phoenix, after the Phoenix Suns, or Devin, after Devin Booker.

"They’ve been doing so good this whole season. It was an inspiration and I wanted to do something for each and every one of them, but Devin was the one that we agreed on and Phoenix wasn’t going to happen," Lugo said.

The family settled on Devin Gray Lugo.

Baby Devin continues to get healthier and closer to being able to go home. But until then, his room will stay decked out in Suns decor and he'll keep sporting his Suns gear.

The family is hoping he keeps fighting like Booker and lives up to his legendary name.

"If you look at him as a person, he’s such a good person. He’s done so much for the community," baby Devin's mother said, adding, "You always feel good when you name someone after someone that’s done so much for other people. Hopefully, my child actually does more for the community as well when he gets older."

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