Phoenix, Milwaukee pizza restaurants make a bet on the NBA Finals

Two restaurants are making a bet on who will win the NBA championship, the Suns or the Bucks, but there's also a neat twist.

Much like winning the title, these two businesses are also rare.

Organ Stop Pizza in the Phoenix-area is just one of two restaurants like it in the country. The other? Coincidentally enough, is in Milwaukee.

The two now have a bet on which team will win.

Jack Barz with Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa says, "We are the last two Organ equipped pizza restaurants in America. At one time in the '70s, there were probably 150 restaurants like this."

Now, they're putting their pride on the line the restaurant waging war with Organ Piper Pizza in Milwaukee.

"I think it’s fate. It’s one of those things where they haven’t won the championship since the '70s. The Suns never have and here we are, the last two pizza restaurants like this and we happen to be in it together," Barz said.

Both owners, Barz and Derek Paikowski in Milwaukee, who are actually friends, agreed that whichever team loses, that restaurant will have to make pizzas with the opposing team's name and the organist will have to wear the other team's jersey the entire night.

That's not all. The losing side will also have to play the Queen hit "We Are The Champions."

"Our organist will have to play in a Bucks jersey, Brett Valiant, he’s just excited that he doesn’t have to wear a tie that night. He said, ‘does that mean I don’t have to wear a tie?’ and I said, ‘no,’ and he said, ‘I’m in.’ So he’s excited to wear a T-shirt or a jersey," Barz said.

Paikowski's daughter Nicole who's a manager will be one of those wearing a Suns jersey if the Bucks lose.

"Well at least the Suns' jerseys are kind of cool, but it kind of stinks at the same time. It’s more fun. I’m more intrigued with the games now just because we do have this going on," she said.

But she says luckily, it's just for one night. "Definitely if it comes down to it, we can swallow it one night, but we’re excited too. It’s fun," she said.

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