Suns fans, businesses prepare for another NBA Championship run after record-breaking season

It’s game week for the Phoenix Suns. In less than a week, the team begins its playoff push.

The Suns were close last season in their championship run against the Milwaukee Bucks, and this city knows it. The support for the team with the best record in the NBA is through the roof.

"He’s really pumped," said Suns fan, Danielle Jones, about her little boy. "Devin Booker is his favorite player, and he just can’t wait to see them become the new champs."

The Suns still have to wait to see who they’ll play in their next game, and fans are already ready to buy more gear to show support for the team. "I ordered my jerseys Saturday and was lucky enough to be here when the line was wrapped into the garage," Suns fan, Chris Johnson.

Let’s just say jersey sales at the team shop were through the roof.

"I’m not a big line stander person, but for that, I was here for three, three and a half hours, waiting for them behind people that had been here since six, and I got here at eight, so it was impressive to see for sure," Johnson said.

Christian Houda with PHX Beer Co. said about 20 cases sold out in six hours. Now, they’re relaunching their "Shazaam!" labeled brew because the last playoff run, cans flew off the shelves.

"We had a line out the door for seven hours," Houda said. "Crazy."

When the Suns take care of business on the court, it’s good for businesses.

"It’s huge. Every business down in the Valley, in the city especially, sees massive jumps in sales," he said, "Great for everybody – but great for beer sales.

Ticket sales for the playoffs start April 12 and the team says it'll have more gear coming out in the coming days.

Prepare for the potential of more long lines.

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