Supply chain issues could haunt Halloween costume purchases for many

Retail experts say people should get their Halloween costume early, as supply chain issues could cause some shelves to be eerily empty.

For Faith King and her family, cooler temps and Goodwill for Halloween are marks of a typical fall.

"We get the best costumes. My entire family goes here. My mom's around here somewhere, doing the same thing," said King.

While 2020 brought a more subdued Halloween celebration due to COVID-19, 2021's Halloween season is howling back, with sales up earlier than expected.

"They're getting ready to go trick-or-treating and have those safe Halloween parties with friends. Definitely seeing a lot more traffic, costume sales are up as well, even over 2019," said Goodwill Marketing Manager Lea Graham.

For Goodwill, Halloween time is bigger than Christmas here, and for 2021, the early rush for costumes could be driven by some experts saying costumes could be haunted by supply chain shortages.

"We've heard from shoppers that supply of costumes at other retailers is going a little quickly. The shelves may be looking a little emptier at other locations," said Graham.

For some family, like the Kings, there is always the DIY method.

"We're looking for the whole Lord of the Rings thing this year. So, my dad’s made staffs," said King.

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