Surveillance video shows moments leading up to deadly Phoenix crash

A family is in mourning, following the loss of a Phoenix woman who was killed in a crash.

This case remains under investigation, but police say speed is believed to be a factor in the collision. The crash killed 24-year-old Gissel Aranda, who was the mother of three young children.

"She was a good daughter. She was always laughing, joking around," said Gissel's mother, Carolina Aranda, in Spanish.

Gissel's family said she was on her way to the store when the tragedy happened. Family members say Gissel rarely took this particular route to the store, but did on the afternoon of Oct 27.

The crash happened near the area of 91st Avenue and Indian School Road, which was captured by a surveillance camera. After waiting at the stop sig, Gissel makes a left. Then, a driver of a Ford Fusion collides with Gissel's Nissan Altima.

"It's so hard to see that video, because you see the impact that, at that point, it wasn't good," said Gissel's aunt, Selene Aranda.

Gissel's mom said on her way home, she saw the aftermath surrounded by yellow tape.

"She started getting that gut feeling," said Selene. "She started hurting and she just had that mother's instinct, not knowing that it really was her daughter that was there."

Gissel was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

The area of 91st Avenue where the crash happened is a 40 mph zone. An arrest has not been made. Meanwhile, a makeshift memorial now stands in Gissel's name.

Gissel's mother has been left heartbroken by what happened.

"She's gonna miss everything," said Selene. "She's gonna miss the times that she offered her coffee in the morning, knowing that that's what they liked to do. Calling to see where she was, calling to see how she was doing."

Gissel's three children, a six-year-old daughter, a five-year-old son and a two-year-old boy, are too young to understand why their mother is gone.

"They know something's not right," said Selene. "They just don't know what it is."