Suspect who allegedly rammed car into Mesa PD officer, MCSO deputies admitted to meth use

MESA, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- The man accused of slamming his car into three law enforcement officers in the East Valley said he didn't do it on purpose, and gave investigators a very specific reason.

According to police, 37-year-old Carlos Diaz claimed he didn't speed through a parking lot into the back of a cop car on purpose, but one thing is certain: Diaz failed a sobriety test and admitted to using meth within the last few days.

According to investigators, Diaz had small bits of crystal substance in his nose, as well as brown tar on his tongue when officers pulled him out of his car, moments after authorities said Diaz crashed his Buick into the back of a Mesa Police car, hitting an officer and two MCSO deputies in the process. Investigators said Diaz blamed his speed, the accelerator getting stuck because of his sandal, but officers found him barefoot after the crash.

According to court documents, Diaz went to look for his girlfriend at the gas station, and stared at all six officers in the parking lot with a laser focus before the collision. The two deputies and the officer hit by Diaz's car are out of the hospital, and recovering from minor injuries. Diaz, meanwhile, faces several charges, including three counts of aggravated assault with a vehicle.

According to police, Diaz caused about $2,000 in damages to two Mesa Police vehicles. Bail has been set at $125,000.