Teen activists speak out against Gov. Ducey's school safety plan

Students organizing the weekend March For Our Lives rally at the Arizona State Capitol in Downtown Phoenix are speaking out against Gov. Doug Ducey's school safety plan, revealed in the wake of the deadly high school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Mason High School in Florida.

The latest pivot by Gov. Ducey on school safety has Arizona students frustrated.

"Governor Ducey: we would still love to meet with you. We'd love to have a seat at the table. We'd love to figure this issue out in the way that Republicans, Democrats, young people, old people, everyone can agree on," said teen political activist Jacob Martinez.

Student leaders in the Valley have reviewed the plan rolled out by Gov. Ducey, which includes more School Resource Officers and mental health spending, but doesn't address background checks at private shows, or a ban on bump stocks.

Students says that's not good enough.

"Unfortunately, it's obvious that the Governor is trying to appease independent voters by creating a woefully inadequate plan that has low impact and low resources," said Jordan Harb, a junior at Mountain View High School.

The March For Our Lives rally at the State Capitol is one of a number of student marches nationwide calling for gun reform.

"We expect it to be empowering. We are having students even being bussed in from Mountain Pointe High School. students are flocking from across the entire state to join us here on the Capitol building. It will truly be a moment to cherish," said Harb.

With marches all over the country this weekend, ride-share company Lyft says it will over free rides to and from the marches, including rallies in Phoenix and Tucson.