Truck drivers say border shutdown could impact their work

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- President Trump is doubling down on his threat to close our southern border to stop illegal immigration, and he's calling on Congress to take action.

Besides the impact the border shutdown could have on the availability of produce from Mexico, it could have an impact on the trucking industry as well.

"If I'm pulling a load alone, just my load, that's over $100,000, and that's one truck and you're looking at," said Daniel Belanger, who has been crossing the border back and forth in his truck for nearly a decade. "30, 20 loads, sometimes 50 to 80 loads, depending on if it's summertime or wintertime."

The American Trucking Association says a border shutdown could result in a loss of $18 million in revenue, every day. One trucker said that's a conservative estimate.

"The loads are going to stop. Your produce, you get up north or east or Wast Coast or vice versa or there's even those that come out this way and go back down towards the border. Those loads, they'll be stopped," said Belanger.