Homebuyers in these states pay the most on unexpected fees

FILE - In an aerial view, homes sit on lots in a neighborhood on Jan. 26, 2023 in Boca Raton, Florida. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Buying a home can get pricey, and many first-time homebuyers may be unaware of all the fees associated with making such a huge purchase. 

Fees such as appraisals, owner title insurance, property fees, and more can add up fast, and knowing these costs in advance can help buyers prepare when purchasing their first home. 

Frontdoor, a home repair service app, collected data from Zillow, Realtor.com, and Houzeo.com in March 2024 to determine the average home price and additional charges for buying a home. 

Cost estimates for 20 common additional charges most home buyers faced in every state included:

  • Origination charges
  • Services the borrower did and did not shop for, such as appraisals and survey fees
  • Taxes
  • Prepaids
  • Initial escrow payments
  • Owner title insurance 

Hawaii paid the highest amount in fees

Homebuyers on the island of Hawaii paid some of the largest amounts in unexpected fees, averaging at $17,966.04 on a median-priced home, Frontdoor said. 

On the other hand, as a percentage of the total property price, homebuyers in Hawaii paid the 9th cheapest cost, with those unexpected fees accounting for about 2.16% of the total price. 

Top 10 states that pay the most in unexpected property fees

  1. Hawaii: $17,966.04
  2. California: $14,693.55
  3. Maryland: $14,614.46
  4. Delaware: $13,934.88
  5. Vermont: $13,719.87
  6. New Hampshire: $13,480.89
  7. Massachusetts: $12,535.50
  8. New Jersey: $12,362.75
  9. New York: $12,303.95
  10. Washington: $11,400.60

West Virginia paid the least amount in fees

West Virginia homebuyers paid an average of $5,009.62 in unexpected fees, the lowest out of any U.S. state.  

Arkansas was also one of the states on the lower end when it comes to unexpected homebuyer fees at $5,217.06. 

Top 10 states that pay the least in unexpected property fees

  1. West Virginia: $5,009.62
  2. Arkansas: $5,217.06
  3. Mississippi: $5,329.54
  4. Iowa: $5,518.61
  5. Kentucky: $5,592.09
  6. Oklahoma: $5,618.67
  7. Kansas: $5,665.16
  8. Missouri: $5,795.32
  9. Louisiana: $5,798.35
  10. Indiana: $5,876.23

This story was reported from Los Angeles.