Valley company creates virtual reality job training

Training on the job can sometimes be difficult, especially in a field such as roofing. That's why one Valley company has created a way to virtually train employees.

"You actually feel like you're there, it's probably the best learning environment," said Anthony Delmedico with Storm Ventures Group. 

Anthony Delmedico with Storm Ventures Group is talking about his company's latest invention, using virtual reality to train roofing professionals. 

"So these are things that are fairly complicated to teach, but not in here, because this is a real-life experience now they're right next to me in the actual goggles and it's more point and click in a 360, fully immersed environment," explained Delmedico. 

He says this prepares an employee for anything they'd experience in the real world. The scenarios are even set up like a video game in some instances, so the feedback is instantaneous.

So far, he says companies are interested in trying it out for themselves. 

"From a recruiting, retention standpoint, it's exploding right now," says Delmedico.