Valley company gives employees paid day off to vote

When employees of Rowpar Pharmaceuticals learned their managers were giving them election day off to vote, the idea went over well and not just because they don't have to work.

"I think it's a great idea, I think it should be a national holiday, personally, just to give as many people as possible to opportunity to go vote," David Bruns said.

Others added it's really not about politics, but rather exercising a basic right.

"We're not very political here, no one speaks about who or what they're voting for, but they still thought it was a very good opportunity for us to all vote cause it is our, you know, we should do it as American citizens," Carolyn Freytag said.

Attorney John Balitis says it's important to not only know your right as an American, but also as an Arizonan.

"Arizona's Voting Rights Act guarantees to all workers three consecutive hours within which to vote on election day without any reduction in pay," he said.

John says even though the state of Arizona has one of the highest mail-in ballot participation rates in the country, the law is there just in case.

"This law now is really becoming a law that really protects the rights of individuals who really enjoy the physical experience of going to a poll and casting a vote," he said.

Even those who got caught in three-hour lines during the primary election say they're ready to try again.

"I know with previous issues earlier this year, voting lines were quite long, so our ownership committee decided that they didn't want that to be an issue," Bruns said.