Video: Owners wrest puppy from python’s grip after snake lunges from bushes, coils around dog

A family in Queensland, Australia sprang into action after a carpet python attacked their 9-week-old puppy on Nov. 27.

The video, which was captured by the family’s security camera, showed the puppy sniffing around in the backyard, before a snake lunged out from a nearby vegetable bush and coiled itself around the small dog, named Jasper.

“It quickly wrapped around him and his puppy cries alerted us to his trouble,” the family wrote on social media. 

"I was overcome with fear for the safety of Jasper and let out a scream," Michelle, the dog's owner, told FOX TV Stations. "It was obvious the python had to be stopped from tightening its grip on him."

Michelle and her 13-year-old daughter Mikayla quickly came to his rescue, trying to bat the snake before Michelle grabbed the snake with her bare hands.

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"Immediately my mind was racing about what to do, and since Jasper had been playing with an empty roll of Christmas wrapping paper earlier in the day it was the first thing I saw laying discarded nearby. I hoped I could use it to help get the python to release him because I initially wasn’t keen on approaching bare handed," Michelle shared. 

But the carpet python was reluctant to let the puppy go. The footage showed Michelle swinging the snake, which eventually shook Jasper free, before throwing the python.

"I was initially concerned about the snake biting me but I knew it was a non-venomous python so it was Jasper who was at great risk if I couldn’t get the python immediately off him," Michelle said. "Once I had the python in my hands and a tight hold near its head my daughter Mikayla and I were then focused on releasing Jasper from its grip."

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The family said their pet is lucky to be alive and thankfully only suffered minimal injuries.

"Jasper has always had a family member nearby him at all times, including on the day of his attack so we know without the constant supervision he’s been receiving the outcome would have been different," Michelle revealed. "The attack on Jasper has heightened our awareness of the abilities of a carpet python and now our children understand why we keep telling them to keep our screen doors closed so we aren’t inviting them into our house!"

The python is also OK, according to reports.

Storyful contributed to this story. This story was written from Los Angeles.