Video shows dolphin leaping alongside foil boarder off southwest Florida coast

A dolphin decided to join in the fun as a man went foil boarding off the coast of southwest Florida over the weekend.

Matthew Smith and his wife Shannon Sternberg were enjoying a day out on the water off the Naples coast on Sunday as he went foil boarding -- where a fin attached to the bottom of a surfboard causes it to lift out of the water, allowing the rider to surf a few feet above the waves.

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Sternberg recorded video showing a dolphin leaping next to Smith several times as they glided through the water.

Smith also shared a second video of two dolphins swimming just behind their boat. He said the pair kept up with them for over four minutes as they sped off the coast.

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"Didn't think the day could better than when we were first cruising earlier... I was way off!" Smith wrote. "Finally able to share a wake with the locals!"