Video shows harrowing moments a man stole a car with kid inside at Sky Harbor

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Surveillance video showing a man accused of stealing a car with a kid inside at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport earlier in the month have been released.

Scott Duran is accused of stealing a car with a five-year-old in the back seat, and video released Friday shows a mother's panic as the car droves off.

The incident happened on June 9, when a family was saying goodbye at Terminal 4. A woman talking to a man next with a hand on her car, and a man identified by police as Duran got into a car that's not his and then took off. The woman panicked as she tried to stop the car.

Other cameras showed a chase around Sky Harbor. Police had responded immediately, but the suspect continued to drive, weaving between cars and accelerated around curves at the airport. Police tried to get along side him and stop him, but it wasn't until Terminal 2 did an officer cut the suspect off. When the video zoomed in, police with guns drawn can be seen arresting Duran, and putting the chase to an end.

According to police, the suspect told them he was homeless and addicted to heroine after he was arrested.