Warm Valley temperatures bring rattlesnakes back out

As Valley temperatures toy around in the upper 70s and then up and down again, those headed outdoors should be aware of some slithering creatures still out and about. 

Rattlesnakes have made their way back out to enjoy this pleasant weather, as are residents. One of them slithered their way into a situation they couldn't quite get themselves out of without some help.

Daniel Marchand from the Phoenix Herpetological Society caught a rattlesnake from a Valley home and says the warmer weather we've had has given them a comfortable environment to venture back out. 

"It's the end of the season and they know it's the end of the season so their mindset is to get their last meal, get their last drink of water and maybe get their last chance to find a female before the mating season ends," said Marchand. 

Since warmer temperatures have lingered around a while longer in the Valley, we can expect rattlesnakes will be traveling more during daytime hours.

"People are going to be out doing yard work on the weekends because the temperatures have gotten more comfortable for everybody and everything and so when we're out there, they're out there and we're doing yard work or just enjoying the day and we could run into these guys during daytime hours," explained Marchand. 

Fortunately, it's not hard to avoid encounters with rattlesnakes. Marchand says to look before you step or reach, always carry a flashlight, and wear closed-toe shoes when hiking or walking at night.