Watch: Dog missing for 2 years reunited with owner in heartwarming reunion

An Indiana woman was reunited with her emotional support dog in Fort Wayne last month after he had been missing for almost two years.

According to local media, the dog’s owner, Samantha Powers, left her dog, named Loki, in the care of a friend while she was away and he got out. 

"I kind of lost hope after a while," Powers told 21Alive News.

Thankfully, Loki had a microchip, so Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control was able to track down the dog’s owner.


A woman reunited with her emotional support dog on May 24. (Credit: Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control via Storyful)

"It’s like music to our ears when we hear our microchip scanner beep…[Powers] could not contain her excitement that we had her baby!" they said.

On May 24, Powers was reunited with her furry friend. A video highlighting the sweet reunion shows the dog’s excitement at seeing his owner. 

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Powers told the news outlet that wherever the pooch was for the last two years, he had been well taken care of.

"My baby got her animal back," Powers’ mother said. "Animals aren’t just animals, they’re part of your family."

This story was reported from Los Angeles. Storyful contributed.