Where is Jesse Wilson? Buckeye child missing for 2 months

Where is Jesse Wilson? It's been two months since the 10-year-old boy was reported missing from his home in Buckeye and there's still no sign of him.

It's a case that's made national headlines. Jesse's mother first reported the child missing on a Sunday night in July. In the days after, search parties looked for the little boy, police held news conferences and posters of Jesse were hung around the valley. But now it seems like the case has gone quiet.

We haven't heard a lot from Jesse's mother lately, nor have we heard from Buckeye Police. They say the investigation is ongoing, however, all over Jesse's neighborhood, there are constant reminders that the boy is still missing.

Jesse's picture still hangs in a few stores, including a yogurt shop not far from his home near Interstate 10 an Watson Road.

"We just feel like we can keep a little bit of hope still for the family, waiting for anything positive to come out," said Victor Alvarez, who keeps Jesse's poster hanging in his store.

But after two months, many businesses don't have the fliers up anymore and all police will tell us is that this investigation continues.

"No child should go missing that long and you're not even hearing about it anymore," said Linda Sieffert, a Buckeye resident. "In the beginning, it was on the news, it was everywhere, but now it's just like, did he ever get found? Is he still missing? What happened to this child?"

Jesse was last seen on July 18th. His mother made a 9-1-1 call after checking his room:

"My son has either climbed out of the window, which he's done before, or he has gone out the back door," she said.

Soon after that call, volunteers filled school buses and searched the open desert near the 10-year-old's home. The FBI and Buckeye Police scoured the house in an early morning search, but they never released what they may or may not have found.

Back then in this neighborhood, Jesse's picture was everywhere.

"We kept our eyes open when we were walking around, doing the Pokemon or like at the park daily.. we kept our eyes open to see if we could find him," said Brittney Sieffert, a Buckeye resident.

And now? The Siefferts say people still look but they don't hear much about it, so they think they quit.

At Bradley Academy in Goodyear, a desk still its in honor of Jesse outside of the school.

All Buckeye Police will tell us is that this investigation continues and they are asking anyone who may be able to help find Jesse to give them a call.

TIP LINE: 623-349-6400