Will my tweets get me fired? App scans for offensive, controversial items

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(FOX News) -- "Will my tweets get me fired?" A new app will find that out for you.

"It combs through all of your Twitter feed from years back," said Kurt Knutsson, The Cyber Guy.

WillMyTweetsGetMeFired.com is a web-based app. It scans users' Twitter history and flags any tweets containing swear words, racially or sexually offensive terms and other potentially problematic words.

"It combs through all the tweets, it pulls out the four letter words. it pulls out all also words that might be associated with things your employer might not want to hear like I hate my fill in the blank boss," explains Knutsson.

The app was developed by an 18-year-old Dutch web developer. He says he got the idea after noticing several people getting into trouble after someone else dug up some of their old tweets.

"You run it once and then you get to pull out the ones from behind, then your boss you know doesn't get mad at you later, or you're applying for a job and they don't go looking at it," he said.

Users concerned about their public profile can do a similar search for free using Twitter's own search functions, though the app is faster.

And the cost for some peace of mind when it comes to your tweeting history?

"You clean up your past on your own for $3.00," Knutsson.